HSE and personnel manuals

HSE- Handbook

  1. All companies need a good HSE handbook. It gives an overview of the plans that exist for the HSE work, and which HSE routines that applies.
  2. Systematic HSE work contributes to safety, increased well-being and reduced sick leave.
  3. ARPI helps to develop a HSE handbook tailored to your business and company.
  4. The HSE manual is constantly updated with any legislative changes.

Personnel Handbook

  1. A personnel handbook shall ensure a good personnel policy.
  2. The personnel manual should provide a complete overview of the rights and obligations for both the employer and the employee.
  3. The handbook is a reference book for rules and guidelines and will contribute to creating unity and a common culture.
  4. ARPI helps to develop a handbook tailored to your business.
  5. The handbook is constantly updated with any changes to the law or after your company’s request.

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